Call to take part in the FCI Centenary Champion of Champions event

Half of the FCI Centenary Year has now gone by and we can already look back on two very successful centenary events: the FCI Centenary Winner Show in Dortmund and the FCI Centenary World Dog Show in Paris. The next major event, shortly to be taking place, will be the Centenary European Show in Leeuwarden (NL). We would like to take this opportunity of wishing the organisers every success.

The culmination of the Centenary Year will be the FCI Cynological Days, to be held in Brussels on 11-14 November. We would like to recommend the following events to member and partner countries: the symposium on 11 November and the FCI Centenary World Champion of Champions (CoC) competition on 12 November 2011 (open to qualified dogs), together with the Centenary Gala Evening (for delegates from national kennel clubs and invited guests). We recommend exhibitors not to miss the FCI Centenary World Champion of Champions event on 12 November. Entries for this event will be accepted and processed by the Union Royale Cynologique Saint-Hubert in the period 5-30 September 2011. Reminder: Qualified dogs are those having gained a CACIB at either the Brussels Show in December 2010 or at one of the Centenary shows (Dortmund, Paris or Leeuwarden) in 2011. Also entitled to take part are all "FCI international champions" (CIB and CIE). With the CoC event in Brussels a "once in a blue moon" event, we hope to see as many qualified dogs as possible taking part. The more dogs entered, the more interesting the competition will be. We are counting on your being there!

Yours sincerely,

Hans W. Müller
FCI President
17th IRO World Championship Search- and Rescue Dogs in Chastre Belgium: Czechs overall winners, also titles for Switzerland and Italy.

As overall winner of the 17th edition of the world Championship Search- and Rescue Dogs, organised by the International organisation the IRO, the Czech dog teams stood on the podia.

The Czech Rescue Dog Brigade SZBK won the team competition and in the category Track searching it was Miroslav Cenek who won before Iveta Matenauerova.

In the discipline Water Rescue Eva Kacerkova and Petr Katrev won second and third place respectively. Both were beaten by Nicola Carrara from Italy.

The Golden Medal Rubble Search went to Tanja Pommeranz (Switzerland). The Silver medal was for Dr Isabella Kühn from Germany, Bronze for Andrej Zunic from Slovenia.

In the discipline Area Search there was no winner. For the first time in the history of the World Championship no competitor was able to finish in this discipline. For the IRO-president Dr Wolfgang Zörner “this is alarming and a damper on this contest, a sign that in the future we all should work and focus on”.

The most obvious reason is probably the fact that the dogs work too fast from the start on of the 20 minutes time, so that at the end they are exhausted and the fine nose work fades away.

No less than 116 competitors from 20 different nations had entered for this World Championship that took place in “wonderful conditions” (cfr Dr Zörner). Teams came from as far as Argentina, South Korea and Japan and from almost all nations of Europe as well as from Ukraine. The largest team was the one from Austria with 21 teams (team is dog & master), followed by Slovenia with 15. The Czech Republic had 14 teams, Germany 11 and Holland 10.

53 Participants were entered in the category Rubble Search, 50 for Area Search, 8 for Track Search and 5 for Water Rescue. Another 8 teams were present as Reserve teams in case someone would fall away.

Paul Cech